What are some Personal Finance Podcasts To Listen To?

8 Best Finance Podcasts of 2023 | CredelloHaving healthy finances and good health go hand in hand. Still, a vast majority of us struggle to understand, manage, and improve our financial situation. Podcasts are a fun, simple, and often free tool for improving your financial literacy and mindset. This article introduces you to the top ten personal finance podcasts to help you on your journey to financial independence.


‘ChooseFI’ For Financial Independence

For those who are just beginning their journey toward financial independence, “ChooseFI” is an excellent song to listen to. The podcast’s hosts, Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa, guide viewers through a variety of strategies meant to enhance financial well-being. Their approach is predicated on practical, applicable guidance that aids listeners in cutting expenses, raising revenue, and selecting wise investments for a prosperous future. In each episode, they cover everything from investing in index funds to maximizing your 401(k) and using credit card rewards sensibly. What sets ‘ChooseFI’ apart is its flexibility; it recognizes that every person’s financial journey is unique and provides a range of strategies so that listeners can select the ones that most closely align with their own objectives and lifestyle. Thus, if you’re ready to take control of your path to financial independence, pay attention to “ChooseFI”.

Exploring Personal Finance with ‘Afford Anything’

Afford Anything‘ is a financial podcast centered around a powerful philosophy: You can afford anything, but not everything. Paula Pant, the host, unravels this mantra in each episode, explaining how our financial decisions reflect our priorities and values. The podcast shifts the narrative from a focus on frugality to one of deliberate choice, helping listeners understand the importance of mindful spending and purposeful saving. Pant offers a wealth of knowledge on real estate investing and independent living, as well as how to transform one’s relationship with money. Each episode dives into the trade-offs and decisions we make daily, spotlighting the idea of conscious choice on the path to financial freedom. So if you’re ready to stop just saving and start choosing, ‘Afford Anything’ is the podcast for you.


‘So Money’ For Inspirational Financial Stories

The famous host Farnoosh Torabi asks a wide range of successful people, from business owners to authors, to share their personal financial stories on “So Money.” Not only does this award-winning podcast give listeners useful financial advice, it also gives them motivation to take charge of their financial future. Each episode shows a different part of the lives of these famous people, including their financial problems, successes, and lessons they learned along the way. Torabi’s friendly and interesting interview style makes the guests want to share their money secrets and tips. “So Money” breaks down the barriers of financial fear by giving listeners a rare look into the financial lives of these successful people. It also inspires listeners to confidently take steps toward their own financial goals. ‘So Money’ is the perfect way to learn more about money and gain a better understanding of how successful people make their money.


‘Listen, Money Matters!’ For Straightforward Financial Advice


Listen, Money Matters!” is a nice change from other money podcasts. The hosts, Andrew and Matt, give financial advice in a straightforward way that is a bit funny and doesn’t use a lot of financial jargon. From how to save money to how to invest wisely to how to pay off debt, they break down tough money issues in a way that is fun to read and easy to understand. Some people think that money is a dull subject, but these hosts don’t agree. If you’re tired of hearing about money and want clear, interesting advice, “Listen, Money Matters!” is the podcast for you. The site’s lively conversations and interesting content make it look like it will be fun to learn about money. Prepare to understand money better after listening to “Listen, Money Matters!”


‘The Money Guy Show’ For Personal Wealth Building

Welcome to “The Money Guy Show,” a show about how to get rich. Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, two financial experts, host this podcast. It has a lot of good information on how to get rich. The tips come from planning people’s money for more than 25 years. In each episode, they talk in depth about a different important money topic, like how to save for retirement, pay for college, plan your taxes, and more. Why watch the show? To give people the confidence to handle their own money and make smart decisions that will have a big effect on their long-term financial health. The things you learn on “The Money Guy Show” can help you get rich, get even richer, or leave your money to your kids and grandkids. On “The Money Guy Show,” you can not only get expert advice, but you can also join a group of people who will help and cheer you on as you get rich. Take some time to watch “The Money Guy Show” and learn how to get rich.


‘Stacking Benjamins’ For a Light-hearted Look at Money


If you want a new way to think about money, “Stacking Benjamins” might be the right podcast for you. The hosts of this show, Joe Saul-Sehy and “OG,” make boring money talks fun, interesting, and often funny. They teach you something and make you laugh. They are very good at turning complicated financial terms into fun and easy-to-understand information. They break down things like the art of investing and the mystery of saving. They aren’t afraid to do things that aren’t in their finance books. They often use success stories, interviews, and even trivia to make their sessions more fun and give people new ideas. “Stacking Benjamins” is more than just a podcast about money. It’s also a fun talk show in the style of a garage band where you can learn about money and have a good time. It’s fun to learn about money with “Stacking Benjamins.”


‘BiggerPockets Money’ For Real Estate Investing


Do you want to sell your house for money? It’s recommended that you listen to “BiggerPockets Money.” Many real estate investors participate in the program, sharing their ideas, strategies, and personal tales. intelligent individuals On this episode, Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench discuss investing in real estate extensively. They cover a variety of topics, including how to find a home that is undervalued, maximize rental income, and handle shifting market conditions. But money isn’t the only factor. Jensen and Trench also discuss the significance of having a fulfilling life while earning a living. They provide the real deal on how to become wealthy in real estate. Owning “BiggerPockets Money” equates to having a coach by your side at all times. It provides you with the necessary information and inspires you to invest in real estate and generate income. They will inspire you to start investing in real estate in addition to imparting more knowledge on the subject. “BiggerPockets Money” is prepared to assist you in utilizing real estate as a means of achieving financial independence.


‘Radical Personal Finance’ For In-depth Financial Strategies



It’s no longer scary to delve into the depths of personal finance thanks to the “Radical Personal Finance” podcast. Your host, Joshua Sheats, knows how to take the complicated world of finance and turn it into an interesting story that is easy to understand. Sheats covers a lot of ground when it comes to money by talking about things like planning your income, your retirement, and your estate. He tells people more than just the basics and gives them detailed plans to help them reach their financial goals. Every episode makes you think about and plan every part of your personal finances. He helps you make your own financial plan by talking about how important it is to plan carefully, protect your assets, and other things. You don’t just listen to “Radical Personal Finance.” It helps you learn, plan, and grow on your way to financial success. “Radical Personal Finance” will open your eyes if you’re ready to learn more about the more complicated parts of personal finance.

‘HerMoney’ For Women’s Financial Empowerment


The world of money can be scary for anyone, but women often have more trouble than men. The financial show “HerMoney,” which is hosted by Jean Chatzky, aims to close this gap. This empowering podcast talks about money issues from a woman’s point of view and breaks down complicated ideas into simple advice. Whether you want to save for retirement, make smart investment choices, or get a raise, “HerMoney” has financial advice that is tailored to the needs and problems that women face. The podcast talks about more than just statistics. It also talks about family relationships, professional growth, and becoming financially independent. The people Chatzky hosts are also very inspiring. These are successful women from a range of backgrounds who share their stories and lessons learned in life. People who go to these thought-provoking lectures are determined, well-informed, and ready to take charge of their financial future. “HerMoney” is a great app for women who want to take better care of their money. View “HerMoney” to get ready to handle your money on your own.



‘Money For the Rest of Us’ For Financial Education


A great book to help people learn about money is “Money For the Rest of Us.” For everyone to find interesting, the host of this podcast, Mr. J. David Stein, breaks down complicated financial topics. It’s made for all investors, from those who are new to the business to those who want to learn more. Stein takes the complicated world of finance and makes it easy to understand. The show talks about a lot of different financial topics, such as investing, inflation, economic trends, and a lot more. This gives people a solid understanding of the subject. As you watch each episode, you will learn more about money and feel more confident. “Money For the Rest of Us” is a great podcast to listen to if you want to learn how to handle your money better without getting scared of complicated financial terms. Attention, start the process of learning about money and becoming self-sufficient.


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